Connected Midland communities
through transforming health services


To serve the Midland DHBs through network coordination and support excellence by:

  • working in cooperative partnerships with Midland DHBs, their constituent agencies and communities
  • leading and facilitating change through national and regional programmes of work
  • building a future focused organisation that finds new ways of thinking and working.
  • Our relationship values - co-operative, forward thinking partnerships
  • Our working values - professional, accountable working relationships
  • Our behavioural values - ethical, trustworthy personal behaviour.

HealthShare (HSL) does not have a direct impact on the health of the regional community.  Its work in supporting clinical change through the Regional Services Plan (RSP) and the provision of effective back office services supports the region’s focus on sustainable health service delivery.  The services provided by HealthShare cover the following broad areas:

  • activities that support future regional direction and change through the development of regional plans
  • activities that support clinical service change through the development of new regional clinical networks
  • key functions that support and enable change through the ongoing development of the region’s workforce and information systems
  • back office service provision that can drive efficiencies at a regional level, alongside new national back office shared services.

To drive the above outcomes HealthShare:

  • works in cooperative partnership with Midland DHBs
  • ensures partnership accountability through the business planning and reporting processes, and service level agreements for specific workstreams
  • works closely with clinicians to increase the tempo of change
  • has a focus on business excellence to improve services and find new ways of thinking and working
  • is a future focused organisation with an interest in innovation and sector change.



"The significant problems we face cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them"

Albert Einstein