Demographic Overview

According to the 2016/17 population projections provided by the Ministry of Health, there are approximately 898,300 people living in the Midland region, comprising 19% of New Zealand's total population.  Waikato, the largest DHB in the region, has a population more than eight times larger than Tairawhiti, the smallest.

 Distinguishing features of our region's population compared to New Zealand as a whole:

  • highest proportion of Maori – 26% in Midland compared to 16% nationwide
  • low proportion of the population identifying as Asian or Pacific peoples – 7% and 2% respectively compared to 14% and 6% nationwide
  • a relatively higher proportion of people living in areas identified as high deprivation (deprivation quintiles 4 and 5)

Health Status Overview - 2015/16 financial year

Every day in the Midland region:
  • 33 babies were born
  • we ensured 103 patients received their elective surgery discharges
  • we completed 824 Emergency Department presentations
  • we addressed 379 patients acute inpatient needs
  • our community pharmacists dispensed 37,074 items
  • our community labs undertook 16,682 tests
  • 19 people died.