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Introducing New HealthShare Staff

by HealthShare Admin | Jan 21, 2014
HealthShare is pleased to announce the following appointments.

Introducing Ajit Arulambalam to the position of Programme Manager Audit & Assurance.

By way of background, Ajit holds a Masters in resource management (planning and economics) and has twenty years of related programme management experience in New Zealand as well as Australia in a variety of settings and roles. He has well developed skills in the development of strategy and stakeholder engagement focussed on service planning and analysis. Typically, this involved strong and technical project management. Ajit has also worked at senior business and cross-functional levels on improvement projects across multiple locations. In a previous role, as Regional Business Improvement Manager for Housing New Zealand Limited (Auckland), Ajit developed a multi-agency collaborative Healthy Housing Development Strategy in South Auckland and then went on to implement this as a work programme within the organisation and mainstreamed.

In a role as Programme Manager with Waitemata District Health Board, Ajit managed service contracts across NGO/private sector, and was responsible for a developed risk-share arrangement with private pharmacy providers with the dual aim of reducing the fiscal burden on WDHB and on improving service innovation amongst the providers. Since 2007, Ajit has been employed within Auckland DHB as a Planning & Funding Manager and thus understands the requirements and challenges inherent in a programme management role.

Andrew Campbell-Stokes as the new Midland Regional Services Plan Programme Manager

Andrew’s appointment marks a further evolution of regional planning across the Midland District Health Boards and HealthShare. This new and expanded role combines two previous positions to enable greater co-ordination of both the RSP planning and reporting cycle and the implementation of projects underpinning regional delivery of the RSP. The RSP is owned by all the Midland DHBs and HealthShare.

Andrew is uniquely qualified to lead our region’s strategic health planning efforts after designing and leading the evolving RSP planning and reporting process on behalf of the Ministry of Health. "There is no one with a greater depth of knowledge and experience of the policy environment which drives regionalisation of health services in New Zealand" says Andrew Boyd, Chief Executive of HealthShare.

The Ministry of Health expects regions to have a greater emphasis on RSP implementation activities to drive regional changes which co-ordinate service delivery across DHBs. This will require clinical and management teams across DHBs and primary care to contribute to and drive change within and between their organisations. Under Andrew’s leadership HealthShare will be reviewing the processes our organisations use to manage regional project teams. In particular, communication and reporting processes that are critical to managing a sustainable pace of change in a multi-organisation environment.

With patients at the centre of our thinking, Andrew Campbell-Stokes also leads a team of experienced HealthShare Clinical Network Project Managers who provide Midland DHBs resources and skills to facilitate the formation and management of multidisciplinary teams of clinicians and managers from across the region. The intent is to encourage the best and brightest from DHBs to combine their diverse thinking to identify and drive clinical change, technology change and workforce change. Through Clinical Networks all five DHBs and HealthShare supply expertise and resources for teams implementing agreed work programmes which, when successful, positively impact patient care through system wide reform of the way we plan, manage and deliver healthcare.

“Since joining HealthShare in August I have got around a number of people in the region to get a sense of how things are going. I believe the Midland region DHBs are in good shape with clinical services, relationships, and infrastructure. The more recent efforts to develop regional pathways of treatment and care, from the family medical centre through to more specialised treatment and care can only support a more joined up and flexible network of health care delivery. There is some very good work going on with the regional clinical networks and action groups. I believe the region can be the most integrated regional health care system in New Zealand and I feel privileged to be able to work with so many talented people who are wanting to achieve the same end, building on the good foundation that began a number of years ago.”

If you have ideas, innovations, or want to be part of one of the diverse teams that contribute to Clinical Networks, please feel free to contact Andrew on 

Introducing Dr Greg Stevens to the new HealthShare position of Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)

Greg’s appointment to HealthShare continues the evolution of Information Services within the Midland region. The CMIO role is pivotal to identifying:

  • the existing and emerging information needs of clinicians and patients,
  • evolving Information Technologies which support better care delivery,

and translating those needs and supports into change programmes which will deliver real benefits to our population, clinical teams, DHB’s and primary care.

As a bit of background, Greg undertook his specialist training in Emergency Medicine in the Waikato and Auckland regions, qualifying as a FACEM in 2002. Following six years as an Emergency Medicine Specialist at Middlemore Hospital, he moved into the role of Head of Emergency Medicine for Taranaki DHB, for the last five and a half years. Over this time Greg has developed a keen interest in the interface between Information Technology and clinical practice and has promoted this on a local and regional basis. Greg has a vision and commitment to bringing benefit to the clinicians and ultimately the patients that they serve by the practical use Information Technology. “I have found Greg is one of those rare people who can write computer code while simultaneously speaking in Latin.” Says Andrew Boyd, Chief Executive of HealthShare

Information is the life blood which connects patients, their families, primary care providers, hospitals and multidisciplinary clinical teams throughout the care continuum. Effective information management is a “force multiplier” enabling clinical teams to mobilise resources and expertise to better care for patients across the region, thereby improving quality, safety, and equity of access.

Greg’s position is a result of discussions across the region with clinicians who are frustrated by difficulties in accessing timely patient information across multiple care settings. “Their patients are confused by the fragmented systems and processes between primary and secondary care. The health system is inefficient due to misplaced information, duplication of effort e.g. unnecessary repeats of expensive diagnostic tests and imaging. This waste also undermines the financial sustainability of the system. “

“On the positive side, I see many local innovations, pilot’s, research studies, etc, which could be replicated at scale across the region for the benefit of all of Midland Regions population.” Greg will be the natural focal point, filter and lens through which clinical information innovations will be promoted to regional information services and regional clinical networks as we work together to transform our services to meet ever increasing demand. “I encourage you to share your ideas with Greg.”

Introducing Darren Douglass as Director of Regional Service Delivery

Darren’s appointment marks the beginning of a new and exciting evolution of Information Services within the Midland region. Darren will lead the development of a coordinated services model for IS delivery. This new model builds on the existing spirit of co-operation already demonstrated by the five Midland DHB IS teams and will lead to further strategic alignment of regional IS activity.

Darren has over two decades of experience working with healthcare providers in the design and implementation of complex clinical systems. Darren also led IS teams in a multi-DHB environment and continues to provide strategic IS advice to the wider health sector. Darren brings strategic insight, clinical engagement, customer focus, delivery excellence and a genuine patient centric mind-set to HealthShare Information Services. HealthShare will continue to work closely with DHB IS functions, led by DHB CIOs, to ensure that the region drives maximum value from our collective IS investments and creates secure, reliable services that enable business and clinical service change.