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Release of Midland Regional Trauma System (MRTS) 2013-2014 Annual Report

by Dr Grant Christey | Mar 03, 2015

We are pleased to deliver the Midland Regional Trauma System 2013-2014 Annual Report.  It contains a summary of what we have been doing; a demographic snapshot of our patients with some high risk groups; and our first set of process indicators that will now be tracked through the database. We have defined some expected outcomes and targets for 2015-18.

The numbers of trauma patients keep rising and our Midland staff have again shown their deep commitment to patients and to making our health system work better. Positive change is occurring in multiple spheres and our ethos of putting the patient first is consistently proving its value.

2015 will be another exciting year for us. As well as our core business of ensuring optimal clinical care, we will be introducing the MRTS Trauma Guidelines and Midland Trauma Matrix; implement the Trauma Quality Improvement Programme (TQIP), and streamline our data handling to get information where it needs to be – improving care, maximising value and preventing injuries.

I would like to acknowledge the hard work put in by the MRTS staff at the clinical coalface and to the MRTS hub team for their support and commitment to quality in everything they do.

Grant Christey

Clinical Director Trauma Services | Waikato District Health Board and Midland Regional Trauma System

MRTS Annual Report 2013-14 Final