Manager, Regional Services Plan & Executive Projects
Suzanne Andrew

Regional Planning

Objective:   To ensure service and systems integration through co-ordinated regional planning.

HealthShare’s regional planning function provides programme expertise to undertake service planning and reporting for regional activity, as specified by the regional CEs and Chairs Group.  The function facilitates the production of the Regional Services Plan (RSP) through active engagement of key stakeholder groups across the Midland region including the Midland DHB GMs Planning & Funding, and Midland DHB Chief Operating Officers; regional Maori Health; clinicians; clinical service action groups; primary, secondary providers; and DHB staff. 

The regional planning function is also responsible for quarterly RSP reporting to the National Health Board (NHB) and the region’s DHBs.
Regional Co-operation 
Objective:   To work with Midland DHBs to look for areas where DHB co-operation will benefit the region through new business models which focus on regional effectiveness and efficiency.

HealthShare's regional co-operation function provides programme expertise to assist Midland to evaluate opportunities for closer co-operation between the region's DHBs. A number of HealthShare's current shared services have been implemented through this work.

The programme uses feasibility studies and business cases to analyse current  DHB service models; develops alternative options; and makes recommendations for the development and implementation of new regional models.