Workforce Development

  • To ensure a sustainable, fit for purpose, regional workforce through supported training and development programmes

Workforce development in the Midland region is delivered as a cooperative function across the five DHBs and HealthShare.  The Regional Services Plan provides the framework for the integration of activity and the identification of outcomes and accountabilities.

HealthShare has a key role, on behalf of Health Workforce NZ (HWNZ), to facilitate the work of the Midland Regional Training Network (MRTN).

Midland Region Training Network
The network aims to:

  • build on existing training systems and pathways
  • make the best use of workplace education and training resources
  • work together to enance what we do
  • demonstrate added value.
Key functions include, to:
  • provide the structures and processes to promote effective coordination for the Midland Region
  • plan and set the priorities that reflect the needs of the workforce
  • influence better training outcomes
  • work with health, education and training providers to support training system pathways